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Avonlea Care Services specialises in providing supported accommodation for vulnerable young people, male or female aged between 16-18.

The young people living under Avonlea Care Services are unfortunately unable to live full time with their families at the moment. We will therefore aim to provide young people with a safe, warm, nurturing and empowering environment for them to live in and to move appropriately on from, when they are ready.

Our Team is very keen to ensure that the atmosphere of the supported accommodation is as close to being a family home as possible i.e. relaxed, homely, secure and a place young people under our care would to want to return to and a place to be safe.

Care Services West Midlands

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that every young person is safe and free from harm. We aim to make certain that at the time young people leave our services, they are knowledgeable and proficient in how to support themselves and they are emotionally resilient enough to cope with life’s unexpected difficulties.
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Supported Accommodation
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Our Support

All young people accommodated within Avonlea Care Services will be encouraged and supported to achieve positive outcomes and progress. They will each have a robust and comprehensive Pathway Plan that ensures their safety and wellbeing and fulfils their future aspirations.

We support young people in residential care approaching independence and beyond. We will commit, where appropriate, to support young people during this transitional period to prevent the “cliff edge” conclusion to their time in residential care. 

We will work in conjunction with the Local Authorities, external stakeholders and the young person, to enhance their transition into independence and deliver a proactive and positive experience of leaving care.

Working in Partnership With Other Agencies

We work in partnership with agencies such as Refugee Council, Home Office and other stakeholders to assist UASC with the process of settling in the UK. Furthermore, we assist young people in accessing emotional support caused by severe trauma due to the life experience that they would have been exposed to and will put them in touch with the relevant help required.

Care Services West Midlands

Care Services West Midlands

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